Some remarks about my work


My paintings explore the landscape in a variety of formal and conceptual ways. Whether building them up through layering observed plants or mountains, or from patterns, I seek to ensure that they have a sense of aliveness or character, maybe even feel a little mad.

My source material comes from photographs I have taken in Britain, South Africa and America of geology, mountains, plants and ancient or ruined buildings. Other sources of inspiration include Mogul miniatures and Middle Eastern carpets. Western icon painting informs my preoccupation with building up paintings though layering different media and stylized components.



I seek to ensure that my sculptures have a sense of character. They must feel like specific personages in their own right.

Many of the forms I use are derived from nature and architecture. They are often combined with the human figure, so that the being arises from the wood or stone. The interplay of curves and edges gives a sense of the boundaries and supplies contrast.

The intermingling of form and perception in Cubism and Futurism, especially how pattern and geometry effects the rendering of the landscape or figure, intrigues me. Gothic architecture's relationship with nature is also a long standing interest.

Apart from sanding equipment, I stick to hand tools to ensure a close relationship with the material I am using. Occasionally I sketch out ideas, otherwise I improvise as I proceed with the carving.


These are made up from things I have made and collected, often over the years. These elements are then arranged to tell a story, along the lines of a snapshot of a fairytale.